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 Diocese of Austin 

5602 State Highway 317 N

P.O. Box 58 - Belton, TX 76513






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If paying with check or money order, please make payable to Cedarbrake Retreat Center
and send payment along with names, mailing addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses of those attending
to PO Box 58, Belton TX 76513-0058
Meals are included at all weekend retreats Saturday and breakfast/brunch is included on Sunday morning.
Lunch is provided at Days of Reflection (1 day retreats)
All bed and bath linens are provided.


Cedarbrake can accommodate overnight or day-only activities, as well as individual retreatants.

Sleeping Accommodations: Each of the 6 residence buildings can house 8 singles or 16 doubles. Each building has 8 rooms with private baths. Configuration may be one twin bed or 2 twin beds in each room. Linens are included.


Food Service: Cedarbrake has no regular food service; however fully furnished  and equipped kitchenettes are available in each residence building for guests who wish to do their own cooking.

cbk lounge kitchenette

For group retreats, a list of local caterers who have served Cedarbrake guests well in the past is available through the Cedarbrake office.  Each of the major conference centers also has a fully furnished and equipped kitchen for those groups who wish to do their own cooking or who wish to bring their own cooks.

Conference Center Kitchen
Conference Center Kitchen


Lodge Kitchen1
Lodge Kitchen
DH Kitchen web
Driscoll Hall Kitchen

Conference Areas:

conference center

Conference Center 

Lodge Meeting Space1

Lodge Meeting Space

DH Meeting space web

Driscoll Hall Meeting Space

Mary Lounge web

Mary Lounge Meeting Space

  • For large groups the Irene and Arthur O’Connor Conference Center has a large meeting area that can be divided and can accommodate up to 100 in each section. A small conference room is available for meetings of 25 people.
  • The Lodge has meeting and dining space for up to 55 persons. There is a comfortable lounge area with large central fireplace. Break out areas for discussion groups are also available.
  • Msgr. Driscoll Hall, adjacent to the Lodge, provides space for up to 40 persons. It has a meeting space and a kitchen. Walls of windows on 3 sides give the feeling of oneness with nature.
  • For small groups (5 to 15 persons), the lounges of the residence buildings provide comfortable space and inviting atmosphere. 
  • Cedarbrake Chapel provides seating for 55 persons.


The public is invited to come pray in the chapel and walk the grounds any day.

Cedarbrake welcomes individual retreatants. Spiritual direction, if desired, can be arranged. Reservations for individual private retreats are dependent upon available space. Those interested in making a private retreat at Cedarbrake should contact the Cedarbrake office.

To make reservations, call (254) 780-2436 or e-mail



Deposit and Cancellation Policy


Cedarbrake-sponsored Retreats

Full refunds are given if Cedarbrake cancels an event.

72-hour (3 business days) notice of cancellation required for 100% refund.

Within 72 hours (3 business days) prior to the retreat, 50% of the cost of both Days of Reflections and weekend retreats will be withheld.

Group Retreats

Full refunds are given if Cedarbrake cancels event.

A deposit of 35% of the entire rental fee is required.

If full cancellation is made 120 days prior to the event, the entire deposit is returned.

If full cancellation is made 90 days prior to the event, one-half of the deposit will be returned.

If full cancellation is made less than 90 days prior to the event, the deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Please Note: If a partial cancellation is made on the number of rooms needed or meeting space less than 90 days prior to the event (for a weekend reservation), there will be a 50% charge for the unused rooms and/or meeting place.

Cedarbrake Rates and Reservations

Cedarbrake Rates and Reservations through January 1, 2017


Rates are subject to change with 90 days prior notification.

Usage of facilities is determined by Cedarbrake on the basis of the size of the group and availability of the facilities.

Reservations must be made no later than 24 hours in advance.

To make reservations call 254-780-2436 or email:

These rates include linens but do not include meals.

Time Period Diocesan Rates Per Person Non-Diocesan Rates Per Person
Double Single Double Single
Suite (One available as a single room with kitchen and living room) $60 per night $65 per night
Per night Charge $45 per PERSON
per night
$55 per night $50 per PERSON
per night
$60 per night
Day Use of a small lounge $20 $20 $20 $20

Note: Catholic/High School Youth Group: $20 per person per night, for exclusive use of the Lodge, bring their own sleeping bags.  Rates include availability of audio/visual and sports equipment.

Building Use Charges

Exclusive Use of ... Diocesan Rates
(Per Day)
Non-Diocesan Rates
(Per Day)
Maximum Capacity
Lodge $375 $425 60
Conference Center $425 $475 200
Small Conference Center $175 $200 25
Small Conference Center with Dining Room $275 $300 25
Mary Lounge/Kitchenette $175 $200 16
Joseph or Sarah Lounge/Kitchenette $125 $150 10
Columbus, St. Gertrude or St. Francis Lounge/Kitchenette $75 $100 6
Msgr. Driscoll Hall $300 $350 40
St. Teresa of Avila House $400 per night
(2 Nights Minimum)

Spiritual Direction is available and donations to Cedarbrake are appreciated.

Cedarbrake Grounds

Map of Cedarbrake Grounds

Cedarbrake is located on 69 acres of naturally wooded beauty, 10 minutes from Lake Belton. Numerous trails for walking and meditation spots such as the St. Francis fountain, the outdoor Stations of the Cross, and Stations of the Light provide a peaceful setting for retreat and renewal. Volleyball and badminton courts,  swings, picnic tables, and gazebos are also provided.  A large labyrinth is situated directly behind the Conference Center.

Trails of Good Shepherd - outdoor paths to walk and reflect on nature, Psalm 23 and the Cross.

Outside Devotions

Stations of the Light

Stations of the Cross


St. Teresa of Avila House


In 2014 the diocese acquired a 5 bedroom house (almost 4,000 sq. ft.) and 25 acres adjacent to the Cedarbrake property. The house is now ready to welcome you! It is ideal for staff or parish council retreats, families or small group retreats.

St. Teresa of Avila House, surrounded by trees and paths, is within a 5 minute walking distance from the chapel.

The house and kitchen are fully furnished and equipped.

With 3 full bathrooms, a laundry room, 2 dining rooms, a large meeting space and a beautiful fireplace, the St. Teresa of Avila House can accommodate 12-15 overnight guests and up to 25 people in the meeting room. We have a 2 night minimum policy for renting St. Teresa of Avila House. 


The Institute of Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction is the art of Christian listening, a sacred relationship in which the director helps someone uncover and discover the direction of God in their lives.

  • A Spiritual director has been called by God and trained to companion another person on the spiritual journey. 
  • Spiritual Direction is more about asking the questions than about giving the answers.
  • It is a ministry of the Holy Spirit.
  • “Spiritual Director” is somewhat of a misnomer because the real director is always the Holy Spirit.
  • The director is a companion who helps us listen and look at the action of the Spirit in our lives and helps us to listen to our own heart.
  • A  Spiritual Director simply fosters the relationships with God and others so that they may deepen and grow.
  • Should be trained in a spiritual direction program, such as that offered by the Diocese of Austin.

What is the difference between Spiritual Direction and Pastoral Counseling?

  • Pastoral counseling assumes the person has a problem or issue that is preventing them from leading a healthy life.
  • Spiritual direction assumes that the person is already whole, but hasn't yet fully embraced this truth for themselves.


What do Spiritual Directors Do?

A trained director assists directees by: 

  • Listening reflectively to that which is deeper than words. 
  • Helping them notice how the Sacred is present in their lives.
  • Enabling them to hear and trust their own inner wisdom, where the Sacred is present and respond to that wisdom.

The Institute for Spiritual Direction is a two year formation program beginning in September and ending in May each year. Sessions for Year 1 of the 2016-2017 program are scheduled to meet in September and November 2016 and in January, March, April, and May 2017. Each session begins on Friday evening and ends at noon on Sunday.

Cost for the program is $1900 per year and covers lodging, food, materials and a weekend retreat. Each candidate is responsible for providing the required books. 

If you feel you are being called to this ministry, consider this:

  • What is happening in your own spiritual life?
  • Are you passionate about your own Journey with the Sacred?
  • Do you set aside time daily to explore and deepen this journey?
  • Are you currently receiving spiritual direction?
  • Do you have a desire to live out of a more contemplative attitude toward yourself and others? 
  • Do people seek you out to discuss important or difficult aspects of their lives? 

 Spend some time reflecting on them and notice what happens within as you sit with the questions.


Requirements for Application and Admission 

  • Practicing Catholic for at least three years
  • Completion of application form  
  • Three letters of recommendation, including one from your Pastor & Spiritual Director
  • Background check 
  • Completion of EIM
  • Interview with ISD team
  • Participation in spiritual direction for 3 years.

We will begin accepting appliations for the 2018-2020 class in February 2018


For more information, contact Beverly Collin at 254-780-2436 or


If you are seeking a spiritual director:

We maintain a list of spiritual directors who are within the diocese.

Contact our office and we can put you in touch with a spiritual director in your area.



Brian Egan

Assistant Director

Beverly Collin

Resident Chaplain

Father Joseph Nisari